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Battle Stars – 4V4 Multiplayer is an exciting and fast-paced multiplayer game that pits four players against each other in a battle to be the last team standing.

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Requires Android

4.0 and up

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January 17, 2023


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What is Battle Stars – 4V4 Multiplayer?

Battle Stars – 4V4 Multiplayer APK for Android is an exciting and fast-paced multiplayer game that promises hours of entertainment. Players can join in on the action with up to four people, or they can play solo against computer opponents if they prefer. The objective is simple: defeat your enemies by shooting them out of the sky! You’ll need quick reflexes and strategic thinking as you battle it out over a variety of maps featuring obstacles like walls, towers, trees and more. With vibrant graphics, intuitive controls and intense battles between players from all around the world Battle Stars – 4V4 Multiplayer will keep you coming back for more every time!

Features of Battle Stars – 4V4 Multiplayer for Android

Battle Stars is an exciting 4V4 multiplayer Android app that allows you to play with friends and family from anywhere in the world. With its easy-to-use interface, Battle Stars provides a thrilling gaming experience for all ages. It offers various game modes including team deathmatch, captures the flag, king of the hill and more! Enjoy intense battles against other players or join forces with your allies to dominate opponents on this fast-paced strategic shooter game.

  • 4V4 Multiplayer mode: Play with up to four players in real-time and battle your way through intense strategic battles.
  • Variety of Maps & Modes: Choose from a variety of maps, game modes, weapons and character classes for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Customizable Characters: Create unique characters by customizing their look using different skins and accessories available in the store.
  • Leaderboards & Achievements: Compete against other players on leaderboards or unlock achievements while playing Battle Stars.
  • In-game Chat System: Communicate with teammates during matches via voice chat or text messages.

Pros and Cons of Battle Stars – 4V4 Multiplayer:

  • Easy to learn and play: Battle Stars is a simple game that doesn’t require any prior knowledge or experience.
  • Fun for all ages: The game can be enjoyed by people of different age groups, making it suitable for families.
  • Social interaction: Players are able to interact with each other in the 4V4 multiplayer mode, creating an engaging environment where they can compete against one another.
  • Variety of levels and challenges: There are various levels available that increase in difficulty as players progress through them, providing new experiences every time they log on.
  • Long wait times to find a match
  • Limited customization options for characters and weapons
  • Expensive in-app purchases
  • Unbalanced game mechanics lead to frustration

FAQs Regarding Battle Stars – 4V4 Multiplayer for android.

Welcome to the FAQs for Battle Stars – 4V4 Multiplayer! This fast-paced and exciting game pits four teams of up to four players each against one another in a thrilling combat experience. Players can choose from an array of weapons, characters, maps and more as they battle it out with their friends or strangers online.

How do I join or create a match?

Joining or creating matches are easy steps within the app itself; simply select “Join Match” if you want someone else’s existing lobby (which will show up under “Available Matches”), or alternatively press “Create Match” if you’d like your own private session where only people who have been invited may participate in it. You’ll then need to set some parameters such as number of rounds desired per match before starting off into battle!

Are there any rewards when playing this game ?

Yes ! There are several different types of rewards which include coins earned after completing games , special items unlocked through daily missions , leaderboard ranks based upon performance & more . Additionally , all users receive bonus points at regular intervals just for logging onto our platform . These can later be exchanged either directly via store purchases OR indirectly via unlocking certain achievements during gameplay !


Battle Stars – 4V4 Multiplayer apk is a great way to enjoy some fun and exciting battles with friends. With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly jump into the game and start playing in no time. The graphics are also top notch, making for an immersive experience that will keep players coming back again and again. Overall, Battle Stars – 4V4 Multiplayer apk provides hours of intense multiplayer action at your fingertips!