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Call of Dragons is a mobile game that combines the best elements from classic RPG and action games.

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5.1 and up

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March 29, 2023


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What is Call Of Dragons?

Call Of Dragons APK for Android is an action-packed, fantasy RPG game that provides players with a thrilling and immersive experience. Set in the magical world of dragons, you will be able to explore vast lands filled with mystery and danger as you battle your way through hordes of enemies while collecting powerful weapons along the way. With its stunning 3D graphics, dynamic sound effects and intuitive controls Call Of Dragons offers hours upon hours of intense gameplay where every move matters! You can customize your character by choosing from over 50 unique skillsets which allow you to create a truly individualized gaming experience tailored exactly how YOU want it.

Features of Call Of Dragons for Android

Call Of Dragons is an exciting and immersive Android app that brings the world of dragons to life. With stunning 3D graphics, a captivating story line and thrilling game play, this mobile experience will take you on an unforgettable journey into the realm of mythical creatures. Explore vast lands filled with magical artifacts while competing against friends in intense battles as your dragon soars through breathtaking skies!

  • Choose from a variety of dragons to train, breed and battle with.
  • Collect rare dragon eggs for powerful rewards.
  • Evolve your dragons into new forms using special items found in the game world.
  • Compete against other players around the world in weekly tournaments and leaderboards.
  • Explore an expansive 3D fantasy realm filled with mysterious creatures and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by you!
  • Join forces with friends or challenge them in thrilling PvP battles for ultimate glory!

Pros and Cons of Call Of Dragons:

  • Fun and interactive gameplay: Call Of Dragons offers a unique gaming experience with its 3D graphics, exciting levels, and challenging puzzles.
  • Social features: Players can interact with each other by sharing their progress in the game or competing against one another for high scores.
  • Customization options: There are various customization options available that allow players to customize their dragon’s look as well as equip them with special abilities like fire breath and lightning strikes.
  • Variety of content: The app includes hundreds of missions across multiple worlds which provide plenty of replay value for gamers who want more than just basic gameplay mechanics.
  • Free-to-play model: The free-to-play model makes it easy to access the full version without having to pay any money upfront
  • Poor graphics and visuals
  • Limited customization options for characters or dragons
  • Unintuitive controls, make it difficult to play the game effectively
  • Not enough levels of difficulty are available in the game
  • Pay-to-win model which can be off-putting to some players

FAQs Regarding Call Of Dragons for android.

Welcome to the FAQs page for Call Of Dragons, an exciting new mobile game that allows you to explore a fantasy world full of dragons and magical creatures! In this thrilling adventure, players will take on the role of Dragon Masters as they battle their way through treacherous dungeons in search of powerful artifacts. With its innovative turn-based combat system and stunning 3D graphics, Call Of Dragons is sure to provide hours upon hours of entertainment. Whether you’re looking for tips or just want some answers about how the game works – we have all your questions covered here!

Q1: What is the Call of Dragons?

A1: It features an expansive world full of challenging dungeons, powerful dragons to battle, and exciting loot to collect. Players can join forces with friends or bravely go alone as they explore this vast fantasy universe in search for glory!

Q3: What type of rewards does Call Of Dragons offer ?

A3: Players who complete levels within story mode have access to various rewards depending on the difficulty completed ranging from coins, gems, experience points etc. As well completing daily tasks gives additional bonuses like bonus gold / xp while arena battles grant rare items not found anywhere else. Special guild challenges also provide exclusive prizes once accomplished successfully!


Call Of Dragons apk is a great game for anyone who enjoys fantasy and adventure. With its stunning graphics, engaging storyline, challenging levels and exciting battles against dragons, it’s sure to be an enjoyable experience. The controls are intuitive and easy-to-use while the soundtrack provides an immersive atmosphere that will keep you coming back again and again. Whether playing alone or with friends online in multiplayer mode Call of Dragons offers hours of entertainment at your fingertips!