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Design Diary – Match 3 & Home Apk is a mobile game developed by FunPlus that combines match-3 puzzle gameplay with home design and decorating.

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Requires Android

4.1 and up

Last Updated

January 18, 2023


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What is Design Diary – Match 3 & Home?

Design Diary – Match 3 & Home APK for Android is an exciting and innovative puzzle game that combines elements of match-3 gameplay with a unique home design experience. Players are able to explore the world around them, create their own dream homes, customize furniture and decorations from hundreds of options available in the store, and participate in challenging puzzles as they search for hidden objects or complete goals within each level.

Features of Design Diary – Match 3 & Home for Android

Welcome to Design Diary – Match 3 & Home, the ultimate home design and match-3 game for Android! This amazing app combines two of your favorite genres into one incredible experience. With a unique blend of interior decorating challenges and classic puzzle gameplay, you’ll be able to create stunning rooms while challenging yourself with thrilling puzzles. Whether it’s creating cozy bedrooms or designing luxurious living spaces, this is an adventure that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

  • Match 3 game with a unique twist: Players can match three or more elements in order to progress through levels and unlock new content.
  • Intuitive user interface: Easy-to-use controls make the gameplay experience enjoyable for all ages.
  • Hundreds of challenging levels: With hundreds of different puzzles, players will never be bored when playing this app!
  • Power-ups & boosters: Special power-ups help users clear tough obstacles quickly and easily while boosting their scores even higher.
  • Collectibles & rewards: As they complete each level, players are rewarded with coins which can then be used to purchase items from the store within the game itself.
  • Leaderboards & Achievements: Compete against friends on global leaderboards as well as unlock achievements along your journey!

Benefits of Using Design Diary – Match 3 & Home

Design Diary is a mobile game and home design application that provides users with an immersive experience in creating beautiful homes. The app allows players to customize their own dream house, while also providing them the opportunity to match three or more objects of similar colors for points and rewards. With Design Diary, you can create your perfect living space without ever leaving the comfort of your couch!

Pros and Cons of Design Diary – Match 3 & Home:

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Beautiful visuals that draw in users
  • Engaging in gameplay with different levels of difficulty
  • Intuitive controls for a smooth experience
  • In-app purchases are available so players can customize their gameplay experience
  • Leaderboards allow friendly competition among friends or family members


  • Difficult to maintain a consistent design as the app is regularly updated
  • Time-consuming process of manually tracking changes in the codebase and designs.
  • Difficulty identifying bugs due to lack of detailed documentation on user interactions with features.
  • Potentially inefficient use of resources when making updates or adding new features, since all parts need to be changed at once instead of incrementally over time.
  • Potential for data inconsistency if multiple versions are released simultaneously without proper testing

FAQs Regarding Design Diary – Match 3 & Home for android.

Welcome to the Design Diary – Match 3 & Home FAQs! This page is designed to provide answers to commonly asked questions about our app. We understand that many users may have some confusion when it comes to using and understanding this game, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions here for your convenience. Whether you are looking for more information on how the match-3 mechanics work or just want an overview of what features can be found in Design Diary – Match 3 & Home, these FAQs will help guide you through everything there is to know about this fun and unique puzzle adventure.

Q: How do I get started playing Design Diary – Match 3 & Home Apk?

A: To begin playing this game you will need an Android device running version 4.1 or higher (iOS devices are not currently supported). Once downloaded from either Google Play Store or Apple App store simply open the application on your device and follow the tutorial prompts provided within it; these steps will guide you through setting up an account before allowing access to its main menu screen where all available options become visible including ‘Play’ button used when starting new level challenges etc.

Q: What types of content does Design Diary feature?
A: Design diary includes both exciting Puzzle Levels featuring classic “Match Three” mechanics combined with unique power-ups like bombs, rockets, etc., but also offers players a chance to explore their creativity while designing interior spaces using a large selection of decorative items ranging from couches chairs rugs lamps plants wallpaper much more! These two components come together to create a truly immersive experience unlike anything else out there today giving users the opportunity to express themselves freely without limits of imagination…


The Design Diary – Match 3 & Home apk has been a great way to bring the fun of match-3 games into our homes. It is easy to use and provides hours of entertainment for all ages. The game also encourages creativity with its design options that allow players to create their own levels or customize existing ones. With so many features available, this app can provide an enjoyable experience for anyone looking for some lighthearted gaming on their mobile device.