Download SMS Bomber APK 3.03 Latest Version.

Updated on February 7, 2019

Download SMS Bomber apk from below with our high-speed servers. SMS Bomber pro is a fun app by which you can prank your friends. You can just bomb as many as 120 messages with just one click. All you need to do is just download SMS Bomber apk from the link below, and type your friend’s mobile number and hit bomb it. That’s it now just keep calm and wait for your friend’s reaction towards it.SMS bomber apk is also called as text bomber.

Download SMS Bomber APK Latest

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SMS Bomber features:

No-ads[SMS Bomber apk]

SMS Bomber apk no ads

Latest SMS Bomber apk is an ad-free app. So you can enjoy the app without annoying advertisements and without skip limits

Internet Friendly

internet friendly

Sms bomber v3.03 apk works even on slow internet connection. So now you can bomb your friends even on the 2g network.

Email bomber[Inbuilt in SMS bomber]

email bomber

Now you don’t need a separate app for email bombing. Email bomber is included in text bomber [SMS Bomber latest APK]

Call bomber [Inbuilt in text bomber apk]

call bomber apk

Call bomber is also built in the latest version of SMS Bomber. So now you can enjoy all in one app for call, Email and text bombing.

SMS Bomber apk Disclaimer

SMS Bomber is developed by Udit Karise. It is called as Udit karode bomber. You can visit his site here: Ukbomb. Use this app is only for fun purposes. Neither priateapkz nor the developer does not hold any responsibility for the misuse of the app. You are solely responsible for your deeds.

SMS Bomber installation procedure

To download the latest version of SMS bomber apk click the download button above. Before installing the SMS bomber apk make sure you check the unknown sources option in settings.

Download SMS Bomber apm
Download SMS bomber apk

Now head over to your device storage to the downloads folder. You will find the SMS Bomber apk there just click on it and hit install. Now just wait for the installation procedure to finish and you are good to go.

Video Tutorial for SMS Bombing

Below is the video tutorial for the SMS bomber app and follow the bombing procedure accordingly to bomb your friends with lots of messages. Here is the video tutorial.


Bombing procedure step by step guide

  • First Install the SMS Bomber apk from the above link and click on the downloaded file.

sms bomber apk install

  • After installing open the SMS bombing app.

sms bomber apk installed

  • After opening the text bombing app you will find an option to enter the phone number. Just enter your friend’s number to whom you want to send unlimited SMS and hit start process. You can also choose a number from your contacts using the below option.

download sms bomber apk process started

  • After hitting start process a pop up will appear that process is started.

download sms bomber apk running

  • Now the bombed number will start receiving so many spam messages to their inbox.

download sms bomber apk messages

  • You can stop bombing messages from SMS bomber apk anytime by just clicking on stop process button.

download sms bomber apk stopped

  • So that’s pretty much it. If you still have any doubt comment down below.

How To Protect Yourself From Bombing

  • If you are using SMS bomber and afraid of getting bombed by someone then this option is for you. If you are getting annoyed by the SMS bombed by similar users like you then you can get rid of this by using the same app which is used to bomb you.
  • Just click on the menu in the left top corner.

download sms bomber apk protect number

  • Now just click on protect list.

sms bomber protect list

  • Enter your name and mobile number in the provided space and hit on protect me. That’s it your number will be protected for one week. You should do the same process and add your number again after one week in order to stay protected.

How to update SMS bomber apk

You can update to newer version of text bomber apk by just bookmarking this website page or by subscribing to our push notifications. We will update to a newer version as soon as the newer version of the app released. Generally, it is updated every month by the developer of this text bombing app by udit karode. This message bomber app is also called as UK bomber across the internet.


SMS Bomber Changelog


  • Optimized the app for speed.
  • U.s number bomber added. Now you can bomb US phone numbers too.


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Removed old APIs that were not working and added new ones.
  • Fixed Call Bomber[working now].


  • Added international bomber. Now works with any international number.
  • Upgraded servers of SMS Bomber.


  • Bug fixes
  • Added Unlimited Bomber.
  • Replaced a dead API with working.


  • Added Call Bomber
  • Fixed major bugs
  • Added an API


  • Fixed a bug that made loops break.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed protected numbers to be bombed at times.
  • Replaced all dead APIs.
  • Reduced application size to 2MB.
  • Made optimizations to the bombers.
  • Temporarily fixed custom sender.


  • Added two new APIs.
  • Work started on Custom Bomber.


  • Added animations.
  • Added Server Status.
  • Work started on Custom Bomber.


  • Fixed Custom Message Sender
  • Added automatic update system!


  • Rewrote loops
  • Call bomb died, removed it
  • Added Custom Message Sender
  • Added an API


  • Added Call Bomber again!
  • Major Bug Fixes


  • Added choose from contacts option
  • Replaced a dead API
  • UI Improvements

Final Words

So in this post I have provided a detailed guide to installing and using the SMS bomber apk. you can bookmark our site for future updates of the app. SMS bomber apk is only for just fun. Nor pirateapkz nor the developer is responsible for your deeds. I have provided video tutorial as well as step by step guide in the post above. You can follow the above tutorial accordingly so that you can use the app without any queries. If you still not able to install the app or stuck somewhere then you can comment down in the comments section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

That’s it for the post, Hope you liked it.

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