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KOF: Survival City Apk is an action-packed mobile game developed by JOYCITY Corp.

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5.1 and up

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March 14, 2023


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What is KOF: Survival City?

KOF: Survival City APK for Android is an exciting and action-packed game that offers players a unique experience. Developed by SNK Corporation, this mobile title puts gamers in the shoes of one of four characters as they battle their way through hordes of enemies to take back control over a city overrun with monsters and evil forces. With its stunning 3D graphics, intense combat system, and plethora of weapons available at your disposal – KOF: Survival City provides an immersive gaming experience like no other on the market today! Players can customize their character’s look using various skins or even create custom combos to use against powerful bosses throughout each stage.

Features of KOF: Survival City for Android

KOF: Survival City is an exciting and action-packed Android app that will have you hooked from the moment you start playing. This game provides users with a unique experience as they battle against enemies in a post apocalyptic world to survive, build up their city, and become the ultimate survivor! With its impressive graphics, intense gameplay mechanics, various customization options and more; KOF: Survival City offers something for everyone who loves adventure games.

  • Play in an exciting 3D world with up to 8 players online.
  • Choose from a variety of characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles.
  • Enjoy fast-paced combat where you must outwit your opponents using skillful tactics and combos.
  • Customize your character’s appearance by equipping them with various costumes and accessories.
  • Collect coins throughout the game to purchase upgrades for weapons, armor, skills etc..
  • Explore the cityscape while completing missions or participating in events like races or deathmatches against other players .
  • Join clans to team up together against powerful bosses that lurk around KOF: Survival City’s dark corners!

Pros and Cons of KOF: Survival City:

  • Easy to play: KOF: Survival City Android app is designed with an easy-to-understand user interface, making it accessible for players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Challenging gameplay: The game offers a variety of missions that require strategic thinking in order to progress through the story mode or defeat powerful bosses.
  • Variety of characters: Players can choose from over 40 unique characters, each with their own special abilities and skillsets.
  • Online Multiplayer Mode: With online multiplayer support up to 4 people at once, gamers can team up against enemies together or battle one another head-on!
  • Regular Updates & Events: Developers regularly release new content updates as well as limited time events which give users access to exclusive rewards such as costumes and items not available elsewhere
  • The app is not compatible with all Android devices, so some users may be unable to use it.
  • It requires a lot of storage space on the device in order for it to run properly.
  • There are frequent bugs and glitches that can cause frustration when playing the game.
  • Some players have reported issues with lag or slow loading times due to poor server connections.
  • In-app purchases can become expensive over time as they add up quickly while trying to progress through levels faster or gain better items within the game itself

FAQs Regarding KOF: Survival City for android.

Welcome to the FAQs for KOF: Survival City! This exciting new mobile game is an action-packed adventure that puts you in control of a survivor struggling against hordes of zombies. You must use your wits, weapons and resources to survive as long as possible while scavenging supplies from abandoned buildings, fighting off zombie waves and dealing with other survivors who may not have your best interests at heart. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to get started or need help understanding some more advanced features, this collection of frequently asked questions should provide all the answers you need.

Q: What is KOF: Survival City Apk?

A: It combines the classic King of Fighters franchise with a post-apocalyptic setting, allowing players to explore and battle their way through a ruined cityscape in search for survivors. Players can choose from multiple characters each with unique abilities and skillsets as they fight off hordes of enemies while scavenging resources to build up their base camp. The goal is ultimately survival against all odds!

Q: Are there any tips for success in KOF: Survival City APK?

A: Yes – here are some helpful tips for getting ahead in this exciting adventure title; firstly it’s important not to underestimate how powerful enemy units can become later on during playthroughs so make sure always stay alert regardless of level difficulty – use defensive strategies like blocking/dodging attacks whenever possible instead focusing solely offensive tactics alone; secondly try upgrade existing equipment found throughout stages rather than purchasing new ones since these upgrades often provide better stat boosts overall compared buying entirely different weapons altogether;


KOF: Survival City apk is an excellent game that offers a unique and exciting experience for gamers. It has stunning visuals, high-quality audio effects, and intense combat action to keep players engaged throughout the entire gaming session. With its wide range of characters, various levels of difficulty settings and rewards system this game will provide hours upon hours of entertainment for any fan or gamer looking to enjoy some quality time with their favorite fighting games. KOF: Survival City Apk provides an enjoyable way to play classic King Of Fighters titles on mobile devices without compromising on graphics or gameplay elements making it one great choice among many available in the market today!