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Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic Apk is a mobile game for Android devices that allows users to manage their own virtual auto shop.

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Requires Android

8.0 and up

Last Updated

February 13, 2023


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What is Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic?

Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic APK for Android is an interactive and educational car mechanic simulator game that offers players the opportunity to hone their automotive skills. Players can build, customize, repair and upgrade cars in a realistic 3D environment with detailed graphics. The intuitive control system allows users to easily navigate through menus while they work on various tasks such as changing tires, replacing spark plugs or repairing engines – all of which require different levels of expertise depending on how far you want to take your garage experience! With over 40 customizable parts available at any time during gameplay including brakes, exhausts and suspension systems; Tiny Auto Shop 2 provides a comprehensive range of tools allowing gamers from novice level up to expert mechanics to gain valuable knowledge about vehicle maintenance without ever leaving home.

Features of Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic for Android

Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic is the perfect app for car owners and mechanics alike. With its comprehensive features, users can easily manage their vehicles’ maintenance needs with ease. From tracking service history to scheduling appointments, this Android-based application makes it easy to stay on top of your vehicle’s health while saving time and money in the process. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or just an everyday driver who wants more control over their automotive upkeep, Tiny Auto Shop 2 has everything you need!

  • Automatically detects and diagnoses car problems
  • Offers comprehensive repair estimates for each problem detected
  • Allows users to book appointments with certified mechanics in their area
  • Provides detailed information about the mechanic’s qualifications, experience & ratings from other customers
  • Gives access to a library of automotive technical articles and videos that can help diagnose common issues quickly
  • Includes an intuitive dashboard that shows current service records, upcoming maintenance tasks & cost savings tips
  • Enables tracking of all vehicle repairs over time including parts used, labor costs etc.

Pros and Cons of Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic:

  • Easy to use interface that makes it simple for users of all levels of technical expertise
  • Comprehensive database with detailed information on the parts and services needed for car repairs
  • Automatically generates repair estimates, saving time when preparing quotes
  • Ability to store customer data securely in one place
  • Tracks service history so you can quickly recall past work done on a vehicle
  • Keeps track of inventory items used during repairs
  • Provides reminders about upcoming maintenance tasks
  • Limited to two car models: The app is limited in scope, and only supports basic repairs for the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.
  • No customization options: There are no customizable features or settings that can be adjusted for different repair needs.
  • Poor user interface design: Many users have reported a confusing layout with too many menus and buttons on the main page of the app.
  • Lack of support from the developer team: Customers who encounter problems while using Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic Android App may not receive timely assistance due to lack of customer service resources available from its developers.

FAQs Regarding Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic for android.

Welcome to Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic! This app is designed for car enthusiasts who want an easy and convenient way to take care of their vehicles. With this app, users can access a wide range of tools that will help them diagnose problems with their cars, as well as perform basic maintenance tasks such as oil changes and tire rotations. In addition, the FAQs section provides helpful information about how to use the various features within the application in order to get the maximum benefit from it. So if you’re looking for answers on anything related to using or understanding Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic apk then look no further – we’ve got all your questions covered right here!


Tiny Auto Shop 2: Car Mechanic is a great app for car owners and mechanics alike. It offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to quickly diagnose, repair, and customize their cars with ease. With its detailed tutorials on how to fix common problems as well as the ability to create custom parts from scratch, Tiny Auto Shop 2 provides all of the tools necessary for any mechanic or DIYer looking to get more out of their vehicle maintenance experience. The intuitive user controls make it simple enough even for beginners while still providing advanced features like 3D modeling capabilities which can help take your automotive knowledge up a notch!